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Riant Baji RN, CGC,

Prinz Stefan von Weiss der Ausserordentlicher CD

AJZ Peacemaker Of Cedar River CGC
(UCH Cedar River Top Gun Of Tudorose X Crabapple Downs Aurora Australis At)

Akira's Indiginous Hope
(Domtotem X Karbit's My girl From Rosemel)
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This breeding was done for and with Carol Pernicka. It was hoped she would have enjoyed another performance puppy. Unfortuneately Carol lost her battle with cancer before the litter was born.
I feel she would of been very proud of this litter.

( Dayspring Minaret's Arce Rojo BN RAE x Isabella Noir )
(Can Ch Bibelot Tolka VIP Of Vibrant CD RA
x CT Tudorose Notorious Riant VCD3 RE MX MXJ NF CA )
Jago is willing to embrace anything I, her owner, thinks is a good idea. She is a wonderful retriever for anything I point to or toss & a budding dock diver, loves birds (handicapped by owner's lack of interest), a sound obedience dog, a beginner tracker, a potential FastCat & lure courser, and has herding potential. Around the house, she is easy to live with and interacts well with my cats & mothers the new kitten.
I am a vet tech and she goes to work with me almost daily, acts as my demo dog for things like ear treatments/medicating, and tooth brushing. She is also the clinics therapy dog when people need comfort.

Prinz is my first puppy & first dog that I trained for performance, first hunting dog and first entrance into the world of pure bred dogs and standard poodles. I could not have asked for a finer companion to spend my days. He is intelligent, well bred and well trained and delights friends and strangers alike with his charming antics, his big toothy dog smile and beautiful physique. He is also flexible and enjoys working for multiple handlers since he hunts upland and water fowl with my dad and I.
I am proud to say we both earned our first title in obedience for Companion Dog this year. We are having fun training for Open and also for hunt tests next year. He is a really fun dog to train and work with, he can read my moods too.
I am so thrilled with Prinz that I jumped at the chance to get a pup from his first litter and am already delighted with his son Q.

Puppies born Sept 21,2019. 4 males and 5 females. Mom is calm and caring, all pups are thriving.
Contact Jac Harbour for details to own one of these performance prospects Standard Poodles