All in Wonderful homes.

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8 Puppies 5 males and 3 females born April 17, 2016
All are in wonderful homes.
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Tudorose An Affair to Remember, JH, TD, CGC, UWC, WC, HPC, WCX, VC
(GMOTCH Tudorose Smooth Operator WC RE OM1 X
CH Bibelot Josol Cherod Silverjoy CD}

*** PUPPIES BORN JUNE 25, 2018***

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"Callie has always been a pleasure to work with. She is biddable, smart, clever and always happy to be with me.
We are currently working towards her Senior Hunt title.
Callie gets along with other dogs and other critters."

Judy Dove

Puppies awere born June 22, 2018
2 boys and 5 girls !

"Tudorose Beamer was purchased for a grooming client of mine who was looking for a silver standard poodle as a pet.
They wanted what all owners want; sound temperament and body. They wanted a good pet that they could enjoy for years with little to no health issues. That defines Tudorose.
The litter that produced Beamer was unusual for the Tudorose lines in regards of the silver coloring. But the results cannot be denied. A beautiful silver /platinum pup was produced and had all the traits that my client was seeking. I flew to Oregon and brought him back for my client.
Beamer is as stable as they come. His temperament is calm, sweet and biddable.
His owner allowed me to take him to use him for a grooming seminar that was 2 hours away. He travelled like a pro and he acted like he'd been doing it every day of his life. The travel, crating, bustling people, and dogs, he took it all in stride. He was very calm and appeasing.
Wonderful to train for grooming. Very biddable, and compliant. Lovely temperament that has/was not created or orchestrated via training. Just pure, raw, dog.
Athletically built and conditioned through regular biking with owners. Nonplussed with external distractions, during his bike runs."
Lisa Day

Tudorose Beamer
(Kayekids Smokey Shadow BN RA CGC
X Hy Jynx N Laurels)